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Time to clear the air

The opposition has been calling on Ms Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, President of the Republic, to step down. Such an action has never been undertaken before in Mauritius. The reason being put forward for this call is that she would have acted contrary to Constitutional provisions regarding tenure of the Office of President. She has also been accused of employing her position to interfere with public institutions in favour of Mr Alvaro Sobrinho, an Angolan investor suspected of having been involved in alleged cases of money laundering outside of Mauritius.

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Interview: Dr Vasantt Jogoo

“When we vote for someone, it looks like we are also voting for his/her sons and daughters, mistresses, uncles…”

* ‘The MSM still needs the ML to maintain the pretence of a stable and legitimate government, and the ML is conscious that it will cease to exist outside government’

* ‘Are we doomed and condemned to bring back Navin Ramgoolam back to power just because LEPEP has let us down?’

* ‘Why should a handful of people decide what is best in the national interest? Just because we voted them into power doesn’t give them absolute power’

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The Rogers-Sunnystars-NMH Saga

Listed companies must gear up for the new normal

Rajiv Servansingh

What can be termed the New Mauritius Hotels (NMH) Saga has been making the headlines in the financial press for some time now. This is an important event for the local business community not only because of its huge financial implications for the parties involved (especially for the Rogers Group) but also because it offers an opportunity to clarify some highly technical and legal aspects of our Securities Act of 2005 and the Securities (Takeover) Act of 2010. The outcome of the investigation being led by Mr Kriti Taukoordass, appointed by the FSC to inquire into the matter, could also have serious consequences to which we shall come later in our comments.

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Let the people decide

As is the case in Britain, will the government have the grit to test its legitimacy by calling for urgent general elections?

-- Mrinal Roy

This week is rich in events. Markets are having the jitters at the risk of an Armageddon in the Sea of Japan pursuant to the reckless sabre rattling between a truculent President Donald Trump bent on browbeating countries which test his patience with a (mother of all) show of force and a temperamental North Korean President Kim Jong-un, sitting trigger happy over a nuclear arsenal. On Tuesday, after less than a year in office, the UK Prime Minister Theresa May announced that the cabinet had agreed to hold snap general elections in the UK in less than two months, on 8 June 2017.

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Global war: What if?

Current international tensions call for preparedness on our part on a non-partisan basis, by bouncing what-if ideas among well-meaning interested parties. It is important to look beyond our narrow domestic preoccupations

Anil Gujadhur

I was agreeably surprised last Saturday by a discussion hosted by a local private radio station (Radio Plus) relating to the risk of a third world war. Issues of concern were well laid out at the very beginning to enable listeners to react. The point is that most of the time, our public debate centres around local issues, mostly around the doings, non-doings and wrong-doings of personalities. This debate thus marked a welcome departure from our usual insular concerns.

For a country such as Mauritius, dependent on the outside world of international trade and relations, happenings and events in other parts of the world are critical. They need to be analysed to the finest detail for strategic reasons. We can ignore them only at our cost.

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