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Shifting the Burden of Adjustment

to workers

According to data published by Statistics Mauritius, September 2016 saw an increase of 0.7% in the prices of food and non-alcoholic beverages. In particular, prices of rice, fish, fruits, meat and sugar increased by 9.1%, 3.8%, 5.3%, 1.4% and 17.0%, respectively. Amongst others, doctors’ fees increased by 4.4%, higher than prices of goods of ordinary consumption such as clothing (+1.6%) and footwear (+1.5%).

Interview Cassam Uteem PDF Print E-mail

Interview : Cassam Uteem, Ancien Président de la République

‘Maurice souffre d’un manque de leadership chronique. Certains s’interrogent même s’il y aurait un pilote à bord !’

* ‘La colère gronde dans la rue. Mais quel visage de l’alternance les différentes composantes de l’Opposition parlementaire et extra-parlementaire nous présentent-elles ?’

* ‘La proposition de la ‘Deuxième République’ était la recette toute indiquée pour une instabilité politique permanente’

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Fidel Castro the revolutionary icon

-- Mrinal Roy

A revolution is a struggle to the death between the future and the past.

-- Fidel Castro

The struggle for independence from colonial rule or freedom from oppressive regimes, dictators or military juntas has spawned a strong feeling of kinship among all those across the world who fought or are still fighting to break the shackles of the past to build a better future for all. All these struggles entailed tremendous hardships, sacrifices, relentless battles against difficult odds, setbacks as well as uplifting victories. For all those battling for a better order for the benefit of the multitude, the left across the world and freedom fighters in South America and Africa, Fidel Castro will remain a revolutionary icon.

Dr R Neerunjun Gopee PDF Print E-mail

A Call for Cultural Work

Dr R Neerunjun Gopee

If you want any reform in your society, you have to begin with yourself. How does it matter what the other has done, or not done?

– Mauni Baba of Ujjain

Just over sixty years ago, in the 2nd year of the publication of this paper, on Friday 16th December 1955, Jay Narain Roy (JNR) wrote an article which not only is still relevant today but has perhaps become more so in our contemporary society which is driven by excessive consumerism, increasing individualism (facilitated by social media), and the pursuit of pleasure and material wealth by any means fair or foul. His opening paragraph read as follows:

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From “Structural Reforms” to Transformational Change and New Politics

It is becoming increasingly obvious that a necessary condition for breaking away from the present policy morass may be an overhaul in political leadership in the country

Rajiv Servansingh

As we reach two years of this government’s term in office it should be more than obvious even to their own supporters that their greatest weakness has been their failure to deliver on the economic agenda. Let alone the promised “economic miracle” they have up to now failed to provide the country with a clear map of how they intend to achieve the core objective of returning the country to a high, sustainable growth trajectory.

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