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Politics going berserk again

Some have asked whether we have not fallen out of the pot into the frying pan. The Leader of the Opposition has qualified the government as being leaderless. The leader of the Labour Party has stated that there is no government.

Interview Jocelyn Chan Low PDF Print E-mail

Interview : Jocelyn Chan Low, Historien

‘SAJ donne l’impression de quelqu’un qui est sûr de lui-même et qui veut gouverner’

* Roshi Bhadain – ‘En politique, un homme isolé ne vaut pas grand-chose’

* ‘Le PTr peut toujours rebondir. Tout dépendra aussi de l’issue des diverses enquêtes et procès en cour’

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Exodus of The Young

-- Mrinal Roy

Home is where the heart is.
--Pliny the Elder

There is more and more evidence that a growing number of the educated and talented young of the country are either opting to work abroad after their university studies or venturing abroad in the pursuit of better prospects. The social grapevine is abuzz with a growing number of parents from all walks of life who are adjusting to this grim new reality. A painful reality marked by the separation of parents from their children and grandchildren. However, for parents the well-being, professional satisfaction and successful future of their progeny remains paramount above all other considerations.

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Mastering the mind for a good life

Dr R Neerunjun Gopee

A teacher friend of mine was fond of the saying that ‘money is a good servant but a bad master’, and remarked that this could be said of the mind too. He went on to explain that we must obtain mastery over our mind, and that alone would allow us to make the right choices so as to live our lives properly. That is what he had always done during his career as he imparted not only knowledge but education for what he calls ‘character-building’ in his pupils. He did this by stressing the need for them to gain mastery of themselves through mastery of the mind. One cannot fault this simple truism.

Anil Gujadhur PDF Print E-mail

Economy: No alternative than to create a fresh window of opportunities

The answer to a global economy not turning around so soon, as current forecasts seem to indicate, is to re-energize the local structure of production. Remove the dust which has settled down and re-invent the production machine

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