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Political Scheming and Other Matters

It may be said that after two years of the present Lepep government voters have lost their compass once again. They can’t make sense of where the government they voted to power is now headed for.

In October last year, SAJ, the Prime Minister announced that he was thinking of passing the baton to Pravind Jugnauth. Some commotion was caused not only in the public at this announcement. It also raised a stir in the political class. 

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Interview: Suren Bissoondoyal

‘CPE-oriented ‘instruction’ is not what education is about’

* ‘It is up to BEC to cope with it if they do not want to be part of the Dookun-Luchoomun reforms. It is sad and unfortunate anyway’

* ‘Why did the defenders of democracy seal their lips voluntarily and not argue that the eleven MPs who left the government last December should have also resigned as MPs’

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The Demographic Challenge: From One “Terrifying Prospect” To Another

None of the governments which have been in power have given due consideration to all the implications of the demographic challenge for the future development prospects of the country

Rajiv Servansingh

This year they are 12,000 compared to last year’s 13,000. And a generation ago there were around 35,000 kids joining primary schools at the beginning of the year. Taking cognizance of these statistics, one is left wondering what is more shocking: is it the sheer numbers themselves or the total indifference in which they are made public every year.

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The Birth of a New Day

We may look back over our past in years but we can only look to the future one day at a time, a day that also begins the year

Dr R Neerunjun Gopee

We go to bed every night with a single hope: that we will wake up in the morning and witness the birth of a new day. Assuming that we are healthy, the probability is that we will – but there is no certainty, and no one can give us an absolute guarantee on this score.

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The Mauritius We Want

As a nation, we have to take ownership of the type of future and society we want for our country

-- Mrinal Roy

In thriving democracies, the people and the independent media are quick to take the measure of their political leaders. A mere six months after her Tory party nomination as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Theresa May’s hesitancy in clearly spelling out as announced in her inaugural speech her policies in respect of Brexit, of correcting injustices or taming capitalism has already earned her the uncharitable nickname ‘Theresa Maybe’.

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