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A Credible Political Alternative
for the country

It is perhaps a bit early in the life of the new government. But it’s beginning to emerge that an increasing number of voters who parried the Labour-MMM alliance of last year to elect L’Alliance Lepep instead already feel quite disappointed by the new government’s performance.

It must be said that they did not vote Lepep because of some deep conviction in any ideology it or its three components stood for. They voted for it because, except for some party diehards, they could not identify themselves with the awful political agenda the Labour-MMM alliance was presenting to them. They did not want a bicephalous political leadership prone to instability and unpredictable tendencies once in power.

Interview Jean-Claude de l’Estrac PDF Print E-mail

Interview : Jean-Claude de l’Estrac

« Le bilan gouvernemental est mitigé. Les promesses ne sont pas encore tenues…

… mais ce n’est pas étonnant »

* « L’offre alternative n’apparaît pas encore. L’opposition est en phase de reconstruction, elle est divisée »

* « “Oui, les méthodes policières sont souvent autoritaires… mais ce n’est pas suffisant pour parler de « dictature » ou «d ’Etat policier »

S. Chidambaram PDF Print E-mail

State Destruction and the Fractured Political Class

By keeping on battering on the pillars of the State, there comes a dramatic moment, a tipping point when things can take a turn for the worst

-- S. Chidambaram

Dr R Neerunjun Gopee PDF Print E-mail

Vitamin G

-- Dr R Neerunjun Gopee

Or ‘Comment la nature fait du bien à notre santé mentale’. This is the title of an article in Le of 29 July 2015, which is summarized as: ‘Une balade de 90 minutes dans la nature impacterait positivement le cerveau, ont démontré des chercheurs.

Anil Gujadhur PDF Print E-mail

Abdul Kalam - The Demise of a Legend

-- Anil Gujadhur

“Let not thy winged days be spent in vain. When once gone no gold can buy them back again.”
– Motto of the High School, Ramanathpuram, Abdul Kalam attended.

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