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Lessons from a controversial arrest

Police proceeded with the arrest of opposition Labour MP, Shakeel Mohamed, on Monday this week. He was provisionally charged on four counts by the police: conspiracy to commit murder, giving instructions to commit larceny, procuring revolver in the commission of murder and possession of revolver obtained by means of a crime. The case goes back to October 1996, 19 years from now.

It involved a shootout among political activists in the course of a street fight in one region of Port Louis during the campaign for municipal elections. Three persons fell under the bullets. The victims of 1996 were Labour Party activists.

Interview Catherine Boudet PDF Print E-mail

Interview : Catherine Boudet - Politologue

« Tous ceux qui auraient quelque chose à se reprocher pourront trouver les moyens de se protéger de la loi Bhadain »

* ‘Toutes les personnes morales de type associations, entreprises, trusts et autres partis politiques seraient d’emblée exclues du champ d’action de la loi’

* ‘Il devient urgent d’établir des paramètres contre les interférences politiques… dans le travail de la police’

Dr R Neerunjun Gopee PDF Print E-mail

Will Tolerance Supersede Terror?

-- Dr R Neerunjun Gopee

The world is currently under the cloud of a terror crisis - 'terror as the new normal'! - following the spectacular attacks in Beirut, Ankara and Paris, with Brussels in lockdown for several days and US citizens travelling for Thanksgiving being advised to be particularly vigilant. If it is not contained in a sustainable way, without having to resort to violence and counter-violence, terrorism can only lead us towards mutually assured destruction (MAD). It is clear that if we want to get out of this spiral, we have to find a new paradigm for mutual living based on accommodating rather than hating each other.

Anil Gujadhur PDF Print E-mail

Of economic development, entrepreneurship and Jose Poncini

The importance of strategic thinking for our economic orientation

-- Anil Gujadhur

At a point in time in its economic history, Mauritius was without a clue about its future economic orientation. That was in the 1960s. Day-to-day problems such as growing unemployment were pressing for a solution. It is in this context that a lucid thinker, José Poncini, a hands-on, pragmatic Mauritian of Swiss descent and endowed with high business genius, offered to the British authorities then in control, a light manufacturing way out to get over the lack of our economic opportunities. Of course, José had his own luxury shops and manufacturing unit for the external market, but he was thinking out a viable economic solution for all of us out of his personal experience.

Rajiv Servansingh PDF Print E-mail

An Antidote to Terror
Rediscovering Progressive Politics

- Rajiv Servansingh


“(Europe) has the capacity to provide housing or adequate shelter, healthcare, food, education, substantial employment and other resources for all its inhabitants. It is not an act of nature that makes this impossible. A balance has to be struck between need and greed. Certainly it is not government alone that denies people their basic needs, for the capitalist mode of production commodifies some of these.”
-- Paraphrasing Raymond Suttner, former ANC underground activist and presently Professor at Rhodes University speaking about South Africa

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