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Unlocking our future economic potential

There has been an enduring feeling among citizens that the economy has not been receiving the attention it deserves. It is with the hope that the government will prioritize the economy, rather than indulge in politicking for its own sake, that the people in their majority mandated the new government to power.

Interview: Eric Ng Ping Cheun, économiste PDF Print E-mail

Interview: Eric Ng Ping Cheun, économiste et directeur de PluriConseil

« Créer 100 000 emplois avec une croissance économique annuelle de 5,5%, ce sera vraiment un miracle »

Dialogue Public/Privé : ‘Il ne saurait être question d’un dialogue strict entre les élites politique et économique… Le peuple se sentirait cocufié, voire délaissé’

* ‘Qui décide vraiment de la politique économique du gouvernement ? On ne le sait pas trop’

Mrinal Roy PDF Print E-mail

Gong from the people

The task ahead to put Mauritius back on a high growth mode is daunting. It is therefore not the time for tom-tomming about a second economic miracle ahead of its happening

-- Mrinal Roy

We normally speak of “economic miracles” a posteriori, after it has happened, on the evidence of objective economic and social indices attesting that the country has indeed made a quantum leap forward in terms of inter alia a significant fall in unemployment, marked rise in standards of living and sustained growth benefiting not a few but all in an inclusive manner.

Qs & As Teeluck Bhuwanee PDF Print E-mail

Qs & As

Teeluck Bhuwanee: “Reforming education demands fundamental change, not mere tweaking”

* ‘The present 9-year schooling project still spends much energy on the access issue when the focus should have been on quality and equity’

Will the proposed educational reform of 9-year schooling bring about the real changes that are required to produce the skilled workforce that will match the requirements of future markets? What are the implementation issues and the challenges that are likely to be faced? We sought the views Teeluck Bhuwanee, educationist, on these questions. He holds a PhD holder in Educational Management and is a UNESCO Consultant. He recently retired as a UNESCO Head of Office, after having been the first Registrar of the UTM, Senior Lecturer at the MCA, Lecturer at the MIE and Rector in state secondary schools since 1975. Read on:

Rajiv Servansingh PDF Print E-mail

It ain’t done until it is done

-- Rajiv Servansingh

No surprises. The question most asked over the past week in the market place as well as in corporate boards has been: “What do you make of the Prime Minister’s speech of Saturday last?”

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