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This Week’s Highlights - 26 May 2017 PDF Print E-mail


This Week’s Highlights

Issue: 2017 05 26 Highlights


Getting out of the mess

Things have not been going well for some time now. The budget presentation for the next year is a couple of weeks away. The kind of mismanagement we’ve seen the past couple of years has added to the economic woes which existed already. There has hardly been any substantive new project for the future. Yet, there were signs already that our economic platform needed to be reconstructed, since activities we’ve engaged in so far are not contributing as well as they did in the past.

As events unfold, the present government is realising that it sapped confidence by taking on the BAI group so forcefully and un-thoughtfully. It is only now realising that there were more dragons beneath the glossy surface than what appeared at first. Funds are insufficient to meet commitments taken by the group that was failed in early 2015. The Prime Minister has gone to India in search of the required funds to bridge the gap, under pressure from a large number of unpaid insurance policy holders.

* * *

•          INTERVIEW

Interview : Dr Vasant Bunwaree, Leader du Mouvman Militan Travayis

‘La saga BAI a révélé les défauts d’une intolérable relation incestueuse entre le monde du business et la politique’

* ‘ « Gouverner, ce n’est pas « gérer mal et détruire » mais « bien gérer et prévoir ». Il n’y a rien de cela en perspective’

La République de Maurice fait face à des difficultés importantes sur tous les fronts et pourtant, la relève tarde à faire surface. Les compétences existent même si elles sont disparates. Pourquoi le renouvellement se fait-il attendre dans le milieu de la politique ? Dr Vasant Bunwaree, leader du Mouvman Militan Travayis, nous fait part de son expérience et de ses espérances.


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