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Elections in India

More than 800 million voters started casting votes in India on 7th April for a 543-member people’s assembly or Lok Sabha.

Interview: Suren Bissoondoyal PDF Print E-mail

Interview: Suren Bissoondoyal

“The death of the Best Loser System will not by itself kill ‘communalism’ as we know it”

* “I am weary of empty slogans which do not mean anything, whether they be ‘one graduate per family’, or ‘unité nationale’ or ‘citoyenneté républicaine’… Why can’t we stick to our ‘unity in diversity’ until at least such time as we decide we should tear one another apart”

* “We have been using the word ‘hub’ too freely… as a slogan without really trying to promote it properly”

Ravjiv Servansingh PDF Print E-mail

India Votes

Election results have a knack for surprising the most attentive observers. Given the complexity of the socio-economic structures and the size of the country, the risks are certainly even greater for a place like India


“The extent of India’s rise as an economy and as an international actor will be determined primarily by factors internal to India. Two factors emerged as central drivers in our scenario analysis. The first is economic change, which will profoundly affect the political climate, the leadership contests, and India’s international behaviour… The second driver… is the quality of political leadership…”

Terisita Schaffer – ‘Rising India and US Policy Options in Asia’

On Monday 7th of April as 815 M Indian electors set out on a long trek of five weeks to accomplish the largest democratic exercise in the world, close observers of the Indian polity and economy sensed that this contained all the drama of a “second tryst with destiny” which may ironically enough see a fading of the role of the Nehru dynasty in the running of the affairs of the country.

Mrinal Roy PDF Print E-mail

Electoral Reform Proposals

A Step Back for Democracy

Mauritius cannot therefore become a guinea pig for experimentation with our electoral system with a hybrid system when the major and several century old democracies like the U.K. or the U.S.A. who elect their representatives through the FPTP system have not done so


The electoral reform proposals contained in the White Paper entitled ‘Modernising The Electoral System’ tabled by Government on 24 March 2014 concern all of us and in particular the more than 900,000 electors in Mauritius.

Dr R Neerunjun Gopee PDF Print E-mail

Age: Old, Elderly, Senile?

There is a time for everything. More importantly than coming in, there is a time to go, to shed illusions and delusions of grandeur and invincibility…

-- Dr R Neerunjun Gopee

‘You’re sure it’s not la gangrin?’

‘Yes,’ I replied, I’m quite sure that there’s no gangrene in your big toe, it’s something serious and treatable but not dangerous.’ That’s what I told the 90-year old in front of me.

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