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A Twist in The Electoral System

In the course of a recent visit to Rodrigues, the Prime Minister had discussions with the Chief Commissioner, Serge Clair, of the OPR party, about the impact on the electoral outcome of the proportional representation (PR) in place in the Rodrigues Regional Assembly Act.

Interview Catherine Boudet PDF Print E-mail

Interview : Catherine Boudet, Sociologue

‘Maurice est une société qui ne respecte pas les plus faibles’

* ‘Nous n’avons encore jamais eu un vrai projet de réforme électorale qui se base sur autre chose que les desiderata des élites’

* ‘L’ascenseur social le plus rapide dans ce pays, ce n’est pas le travail honnête, mais la corruption et le favoritisme’

Mrinal Roy PDF Print E-mail

A People’s Budget

The budget exercise must above all provide a positive policy response to the people’s expectations and help put in place a new economic model geared to boost growth, significantly reduce unemployment, improve the standard of living and quality of life of people, assure inclusive prosperity and narrow inequalities

Mrinal Roy

Murli Dhar PDF Print E-mail

Early Signs of Social Disruption

The loss of lives at an early stage due to synthetic drug abuse in schools is a tragedy at the level of individual families. If carried forward on a big enough scale, it will pose as a serious threat to social stability itself

Murli Dhar

Rajiv Servansingh PDF Print E-mail

Avoiding the Economic Mediocrity Trap

One single budget is not a magic wand which will solve all our problems, but it does represent an opportunity for sending the right signals to operators and the population at large

Rajiv Servansingh

The general environment in which the Minister of Finance and Economic Development will present his budget at the end of next week is, to say the least, extremely volatile. Surprisingly stock exchanges in most of the capitals of developed countries are booming after having absorbed the initial shock of the unexpected Brexit vote.

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