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Legacy: Personal over national?

10th December is only 20 days away, and most political analysts would shy away from volunteering a definite reading of the direction in which the political wind is blowing. Echoes from the grassroots point to the growing confusion among the electorate, mostly among Labour supporters.

Interview: Vijay Ram PDF Print E-mail

Interview: Vijay Ram

“We should not play casino politics with the future of the people”

* “The way this electoral campaign is unfolding, I doubt very much that there would be a Presidential election, whether at one or more rounds

Rajiv Servansingh PDF Print E-mail

Conviction Politics and the Messiness of the Democratic Process

It is incumbent upon the Labour Party-MMM Alliance to convince the voters that they are in the game of “conviction” politics as opposed to opportunism

-- Rajiv Servansingh

The expectation is not that balance once achieved will be maintained but that balance once disrupted will be restored in one way or the other.

(Neo Realism)

There is prevalent belief among the armchair, not to say “bourgeois”, analysts that politics ought to be a rather simple and cohesive process where people are offered a rational choice between alternatives. The dominant mode of reasoning behind this approach is premised on the often simplistic notion that there is a rational and generally evident solution to all problems confronting society - accordingly it professes that we only need take a particular set of decisions in a given circumstance and all our problems will be resolved! These same analysts are at pains to understand why the “politicians out there” fail to grasp those solutions.

Mrinal Roy PDF Print E-mail

Show the Red Card

The hour is grave. For the people, this battle must be won if we are to safeguard the rights and future of the young and the next generations. We will not be forgiven if we do not do so

-- Mrinal Roy

The date of the general elections and the list of candidates of the main political parties contesting the elections are now known. Power has returned to the people. Unlike previous occasions when the people were called to the polls post Independence, these elections are particularly important and undoubtedly the most determinant one since Independence. This is so for a variety of reasons.

Dr R Neerunjun Gopee PDF Print E-mail

Young voters need to identify their future statesmen

We would be hard put to identify the statesmen we need for our future generations amongst the contenders who are at each others’ throats to wrench power, once more, and fool the people, yet again

-- Dr R Neerunjun Gopee

It is said that a politician thinks only of the next election and a statesman of the next generation. As the wind of change blew across the world after the Second World War, the colonial powers had no choice but to let go of the countries which they had set out to conquer and exploit during the preceding centuries.

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