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Dire Forebodings on the political horizon

The main concern – l’enjeu principal -- in the forthcoming general elections is nothing other than what has been referred to by politicians as the “Second Republic”. This is a euphemism for a proposed major structural change in our electoral system, leave aside the question of a bicephal power-sharing between a plenipotentiary president and a prime minister acting as chief executive in the House.

Interview : Samad Ramoly PDF Print E-mail

Interview : Samad Ramoly

« Nous devons nous réjouir que la route vers la 2e République semble parsemée de multiples embûches…

… Si elle aboutit malgré tout, j’imagine qu’on aurait alors touché le fond d’un monde surréaliste ou, tout simplement, de la bêtise !

* « Si les Mauriciens prennent conscience comment une Freedom of Information Act peut changer beaucoup d’éléments dans leur vie, et ce, même pas dans 100 jours, ils agiront »

*“Le Stimulus Package s’insère dans le mécanisme pro-business qui ruine le level playing field -- sans rien améliorer concrètement”

Dr R. Neerunjun Gopee PDF Print E-mail

Some Timely Wise Words

-- Dr R. Neerunjun Gopee

‘Happy Divali,’ said my fellow walker friend, ‘is, or should in fact be a matter of our daily life. I believe its strongest message is rather the “victory of the forces of good over the forces of evil” instead of, as is commonly stated, the “victory of good over evil.”

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Putting The Civil Service First

-- Rajiv Servansingh

In our young days names like Dayendranath Burrenchobay, Deva Soopramanien, Bramduth Ghoorah, Daya Heeralall, Herve Duval, Chitmansingh Jesseeramsingh, or an Eddy Norton even if in a different register, among so many others, were familiar almost household names among large sections of the population.

Anil Gujadhur PDF Print E-mail

The Relevance of the Welfare State

At a time when extremes of riches and extreme poverty live side by side in many parts of the world, it is only a state with a compassionate heart that can make its own the defence and protection of those who are in real need in society

-- Anil Gujadhur

Efforts were undertaken by members of the Mauritius Labour Party during colonial times to introduce the Welfare State in Mauritius. Those who had gone for studies in the UK in the post-War period saw how much governments were giving out welfare benefits to come to the aid of their people devastated by a ruinous war.

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