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Increasing Vulnerability of Workers

The world population has increased to 7 billion at present. By 2050, it is expected to increase further to 9 billion. One would have expected that such rapid rates of population growth would have sharply increased demand for goods and services the world over and added to the earnings and importance of workers.

Interview Jocelyn Chan Low PDF Print E-mail

Interview: Jocelyn Chan Low, Historien

« A quoi bon ces discours autour des Smart Cities et de Smart Island quand la pauvreté s’étend »

* ‘Toutes les conditions sont réunies pour que le PTr fasse une remontée spectaculaire sauf une, de taille : la crédibilité de son leader’

Dr R Neerunjun Gopee PDF Print E-mail

The British Empire and Us

Dr R Neerunjun Gopee

Growing up in the days of the British Empire, perforce it left its imprint on many of us, especially those who came to be associated with it directly or indirectly, often unwittingly or through force of circumstances. The celebration of the Queen of England’s 90th birthday and the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare give me this opportunity to share a few reflections about some aspects of our relationship with the erstwhile British Empire.

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Comportement électoral - Vote Ethnique et Vote Partisan à Maurice (II)

L’ampleur de la volatilité partisane et de l’abstentionnisme protestataire laisse entrevoir un mouvement sismique du comportement électoral

La première partie de notre étude était consacrée à l’évolution historique du comportement électoral à Maurice. Du vote de classe on est passé au vote ethnique, structuré en 1967 et cristallisé à partir de 1983 autour de deux camps dits « majorité » et « minorités ». La volatilité transgressive – mobilité d’un camp à un autre – est marginale. A ce comportement électoral stable s’est greffé un vote partisan de plus en plus instable.

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Indulging in our National Sports: Political Speculation

Rajiv Servansingh

Where the world has not been broken into fragments by narrow domestic walls,
Into that heaven of freedom, O father, let my country awake.
-- Rabindranath Tagore

Chaos unlikely to end soon

More than a month ago in this column we had argued that the instability in the governing alliance was bound to increase dramatically because problems of style of leadership and personality clashes were compounded by structural flaws. Unfortunately we have been proven right as the chaos within the rank of government has amplified over the days and weeks, with every other day opening up a new battle front.

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