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Shifting Sands

There is a general agreement that Pravind Jugnauth’s budget presentation marked a turning point. It represented a salutary break from the previous chaotic management of public affairs. Whether the measures announced in the budget will take concrete shape and re-energize the economy remains to be seen. For this, the Minister will need an exemplary solidarity from his team who should see beyond the present term of the government.

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Interview – Jack Bizlall

‘Le seul changement dans le paysage politique, c’est que Pravind Jugnauth est devenu le centre du pouvoir’

* ‘Une opposition de gauche dans un État de droite, est indispensable et beaucoup plus important que le pouvoir gouvernemental’

* ‘Le retour de Ramgoolam serait un drame autant politique que culturel’

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‘Dr Combiflam’

Dr R Neerunjun Gopee

Combiflam is one of the most widely used painkiller medications in India. It is manufactured and marketed by the French pharmaceutical company Sanofi’s Indian branch, being one of its five leading products there. It is a combination of the painkiller paracetamol (Panadol) and the anti-inflammatory ibuprofen, and like Panadol is used to relieve several types of pain, especially by general practitioners. It is even, like Panadol, sold over the counter, i.e. without a doctor’s prescription.

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For A New Social Contract

A new social contract should include reforms and proposals which are feasible, achievable and binding -- this is the only way to revitalize the economy and society and restore the dynamism of capitalism for the common good

Sada Reddi

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All Stand Guilty

Isn’t it high time for the people and all of us to put an end to this unending rigmarole of poor governance by successive governments led by the same leaders who have monopolised the local political scene for decades?

Mrinal Roy

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