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Letter from New Delhi

The Wheel Turns Full Circle for Uganda Asians

Expelled by brutal dictator 45 years ago, Uganda Asians prospered in Britain, went back to Uganda 25 years ago and maintain strong links with their roots in India, reports Kul Bhushan with exclusive inputs by Uganda Asian leaders.

-- Kul Bhushan

Initially discouraged in 1972 to settle in Leicester, Britain, Uganda Asians are now hailed as model immigrants who have contributed to Britain, Uganda as well as India. When dictator Idi Amin expelled them over 45 years ago, Britain published advertisements in Ugandan newspapers dissuading them to go there. The advertisements in Leicester warned them not to go there as there was no housing and no jobs. Still, 28,000 homeless migrated to Leicester as they had no option.

MT 60 Years Ago PDF Print E-mail

MT 60 Years Ago

3rd Year No 76 – Friday 20th January 1956

Our Debt to Manilal Doctor

By D. Napal, BA (Hons)

Is it an irony of fate or is it a pure coincidence that both times that a Royal Commission has been appointed, strangers have stood up to defend the cause of the Indian Immigrants? In 1872 it was De Plevitz, and in 1909 we were lucky in having Manilal Doctor among us. Whatever it is, the truth is there to condemn the planters of their indifference to the lot of those who sweated for them.

On the 11th of October 1907, Manilal Doctor MA, LLB Bar-at-law, came to Mauritius where he stayed for nearly five years. Four days after his arrival he deposed at the Supreme Court his professional diploma. The next day he was sworn in as a practising barrister. On this occasion occurred an incident which scandalized the judges. The Radical, in its issue of the 17th October, wrote on this matter: “Les juges de la Cour suprême doivent, dit-on, lancer un ordre à l’effet d’obliger Me Manilal, avocat, à ôter son burnous en Cour. Hier, à sa prestation de serment, Me Manilal ne s’est pas découvert, ce qui a offusqué nos honorables juges.”

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