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Dr Mrs Sarita Boodhoo PDF Print E-mail

Languages in Mauritius

Dr Mrs Sarita Boodhoo

Ever since settlement took place in Mauritius, starting with the Dutch (which however was not a permanent one), the various colonisers have left the imprint of their languages.

With the slave trade prevalent during the plantation economy, the slaves brought from principally Madagascar, Senegal, Mozambique and other regions including India, unfortunately could not preserve their distinct cultures and languages. That loss of a voice from the entrails has marked the descendants of the slaves for good despite the development of a new language concocted principally from French, which was the language of the masters.

Kul Bhushan PDF Print E-mail

Letter from New Delhi

Bhismadev Seebaluck - The Shakespeare of Mauritius

-- Kul Bhushan

An author, a playwright, a dramatist, a journalist, an educationist, a littérateur and, above all, a gentle and loving soul, Bhismadev Seebaluck is no more. The cultural scene in Mauritius has lost one of its shining stars. He contributed immensely to the literary and cultural scene in this island of sun, sea, sand and relaxed living with his articles, books, plays and the promotion of Shakespeare.

In a laid back isle famous for its swaying dance, sega, Bhishma made the bard a topic of common conversation when in 1980s he started a weekly column, ‘Dear Shakespeare’, in a Mauritian weekly and it continued for over four decades. Sharing a very personal rapport with the great English playwright, Bhisma addressed him every week as ‘My dear Billy’. His keen observation, wit, satire and mockery in these articles garnered sustained acclaim till December 2016. Selecting some memorable and really witty articles, he published three anthologies under the title, “Dear Shakespeare’.

MT 60 Years Ago PDF Print E-mail

MT 60 Years Ago

3rd Year No 78 – Friday 3rd February 1956

The Admission Campaign

By Somduth Bhuckory

The admission campaign is going from strength to strength. As the question of admission of children to primary schools is a national problem the immense response of the people is quite understandable.

One voice, that of the Director of Education, has said once that about 10,000 children would not be admitted. Since then thousands of voices have risen against that solitary voice, not once but many times, and have drowned it with “Admit Our Children”.

Clifford Ng Kwet Chan PDF Print E-mail

Mon olivier a disparu

Pour les immigrants chinois de l'île Maurice

La menace d'invasion japonaise

Durant la seconde guerre mondiale

Était une épée de Damoclès

Suspendue au-dessus de leur tête.

Craignant des atrocités japonaises

Connues en Chine sous l'appellation de "viol de Nanjing"

Des familles chinoises de Port Louis

Délaissèrent la capitale

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