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Sada Reddi PDF Print E-mail

University of Mauritius - Enhancing its Research Mission

Issues concerning the quality of teaching and research at the University should be debated at all levels so that in the end, an enabling environment can be created in the interest of students, staff and the University itself

-- Sada Reddi

The appointment of a new Vice-Chancellor at the University of Mauritius raises high hopes among many who would like to see the university move towards the next level of its development –to become a full-fledged research institution.

Dr R Neerunjun Gopee PDF Print E-mail

From the culture of identity to the politics of identity

We thought we were progressing towards a world of greater inclusiveness and wider, deeper integration. Suddenly, the horizon is now darkened by the ghost of identity politics that is spreading its tentacles

Dr R Neerunjun Gopee

The proverb ‘birds of the same feather flock together’ that we most innocently learnt in high school turns out, on reflection, to express a truism that now threatens to make the world regress to the chaos of the dark ages. A cultural anthropologist would probably tell us that the human tendency of looking out for one’s own kind, for a shared ‘sameness’ in groups or within defined territorial boundaries, is a primordial need dating from mankind’s beginnings. From an evolutionary biologist’s perspective, it is likely to be a mechanism for protection and group survival to be found in all living organisms. So what’s the problem with having an identity?

Shakuntala Boolell PDF Print E-mail

La femme pèche : par ambition ou tromperie ?

Shakuntala Boolell

Depuis quelques années, les quotas ont changé les donnes. Les hommes ont cédé malgré eux-mêmes souvent leur place au profit des femmes. Ce qui explique que sous l’ancien régime le nombre de conseillères dans les municipalités dépassait parfois celui des hommes. Mairesses et adjointes aux maires ne gênaient personne. Il fallait tout simplement rester dans les limites de ses fonctions. Des députées et ministres aussi, avec la première nommée par Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam, c’est-à-dire Rada Poonoosamy, ne suscitaient pas vraiment de polémiques. Quant à leur performance cela variait. Les commentaires dans la presse en donnaient une idée.

Nita Chicooree-Mercier PDF Print E-mail

A Most Uncertain Election Ahead!

-- Nita Chicooree-Mercier

While the media highlights main frontrunners in the French presidential race, small parties with an increasing following are not only ignored but their candidates are overtly criticized and disrespectfully mocked by so-called independent state media, France 2, France Inter and others. Presumably, their hostility springs from their bewilderment at changing paradigms in people's view of politics and their inability to handle any position which does not fit into the usual right/left, far-right/left and centrist categories.

Ramesh Beeharry PDF Print E-mail

Metro Express or Bust!

We are condemned to achieve all of our energy needs from renewables in the shortest possible time. Wouldn’t be wonderful then to ride on 100% clean, green trams and trains that are eco-friendly and non-polluting?

-- Ramesh Beeharry

Anyone who has recently travelled along the Curepipe-Port Louis corridor during rush hour will agree that something needs to be done. It just cannot be economically, socially or environmentally sustainable to have people spend upwards of three to four hours for a round trip of 30 miles every working day of the week.

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