Author: M.K.

More of the Same?

We saw of late how succeeding political parties in power failed those who voted for them. Once in power, governments had their own agendas to pursue, not exactly
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Who should bear the costs?

Provisional Charges Dropped The Curepipe Court decided on Tuesday last to drop the charges on which the two daughters and son-in-law of Dawood Rawat were arrested following the
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Time to clear the air

The opposition has been calling on Ms Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, President of the Republic, to step down. Such an action has never been undertaken before in Mauritius. The reason
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The Next Station

Before and during the 1967 campaign for independence, there were people, led by the PMSD, who were not confident we could survive as an independent nation. Taken by
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The Bad and The Less Bad

Choosing between Politics hasn’t been exceedingly gratifying for voters. Not only have they had to overthrow governments by turn when they were unhappy with them. Over time, they
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